How long does it take to recover from Tonsillectomy?

Everyone heals at a different rate, so I can only offer you a guideline. Also, what is your definition of recover? Does that mean when you are no longer in severe pain or is it when your wounds have fully healed? I will define recovered as able to resume normal daily activities with little to no pain.

The vast majority of people will recover in about 14 days after the tonsillectomy. As you may know, the hardest stage is between days 7-11 when the scabs fall off and the wound is very sensitive. The recovery after this stage is rapid and therefor it is very important to remember this when you are at the height of your pain in this stage. One day you will be in excruciating pain and the next you will feel 50% better. A few days latter you will be ready to go on with your live again!

If you have a desk job, I would recommend taking two weeks off – I took off three weeks and am very happy I did! If you do anything physically strenuous for your job, I would highly recommend you speak to your doctor and ask him when you are safe to resume your activity. I believe the strenuous physically activity can potentially cause a hemorrhage. I hope you recover soon!

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  • Rebecca:

    Hi! I’m getting my tonsils out in 2 weeks! I am also a running fanatic! Do you by any chance know how soon after surgery I will be able to run? No one online seems to have an answer. I’m not talking about 12 miles or a fast pace, just some low mileage easy jogging. I hope that I will only have to take 7 days or so off from my beloved sport. What’s your opinion?

    • Noelle:

      I just had my tonsils taken out on June 6th and my doctor told me that I could not exercise for the full 14 days.

    • Kym:

      You’re not supposed to do anything other than walking for a full two weeks. For the first week you’re not even supposed to bend over or lift anything, so to be safe I’d take the full two weeks. I talked to my gym that I regularly go to and they gave me a discount on my membership with a doctor’s note

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    • Amy:

      You will likely need to take AT LEAST 14,days off physical exercise. I thought I was feeling better around day 9 and went for a lazy walk and I only made it down the street before I thought I would collapse. Depends on your age also. And how well you follow the post-op instructions. I am 29,I am pretty active, and this recovery process is not a joke. Allow your body time to heal. If you strain too much the scabs can burst and you will have to have emergency surgery to re-cauterize the incisions. And I hear they do not put you to sleep the second time. I wouldn’t risk it.

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  • steph:

    well I am on day 7, and let me tell you… I barely wanna move. my scabs are starting to fall off… I can’t seem to drink enough liquids…. its still hard to breathe. so the running after a week, im not sure. you may heal faster, so maybe you could. hope this helps. =]

    • Fernando:

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  • andy cabassa:

    i just had my tonsils taken out todayy, and omg its killing me to watch tv when everyother commerical is foood ha soo i have 10 days off of workk is that enoughh?

  • Amy:

    I got my tonsils out 4 days ago. I have to say that I’ve never been in so much pain in my life. The first day was alright. I couldn’t talk too much, but the pain wasn’t too bad. I would rate it about a 3 out of 10. The second day was good. I actually felt pretty good. I could talk pretty well and I could eat some food. The third and fourth day is absolutely horrible. I can’t sleep because I feel like when I do, my throat gets so dried out and it makes my pain 100x worse. On top of my throat hurting, my head feels like its going to explode and my ears feel like there’s needles being poked in them. It’s the worst pain ever. There’s nothing I can do about this pain, even my doctor told me. I just have to go back and fourth from taking liquid advil and tylenol. They gave me hydrocodone, but I took it on a fairly empty stomach and it make me vomit alot. I only took one week off of work and I totally regret doing that. I know that it’s going to take longer then a week to recover from this pain. I really hope I start feeling better by tomorrow or at least by day 6. I hope this helps everyone who is scheduled for a tonsillectomy! Someone please help me!!!!!
    PS: i lost 10 lbs. theres no eating during this recovery! Eat lots of protein shakes.

    • Lucas:

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  • rebekka:

    I had my tonsils out about 10 days ago and i’m barely feeling like i’m recovering. Coming from a person who thought they could deal with pain well….it was absolutly aweful! reading some of the other people’s experiences sounds exactly like mine! the first 2 days are just kinda whatever(probly because ur body is still in shock to feel pain)…not too bad, but the 3-5 days are the worst in my opinion! everything hurts, ur throat feels like its ripping apart, i had sores on my tongue, my ears felt like they were gonna explode, i couldn’t talk, i couldn’t eat….and it was just horrible to say the least! and to make things worst its considered “normal” to have all this pain and no one can really help you. not to mention since its hard to eat u take ur medicine (for me it was liquid vicoden) on an empty stomach and then u feel like ur gonna throw up every minute! the comment above mine is an absolutly great discription of everything and 100% true! i did lose about 12 pds in total and it was not a happy feeling…u feel weak, tired, crappy and it just sucks in general! but i promise it does get better! even though it feels like ur gonna feel like this forever! so take everyone’s advice and make sure u rest for at least 10 days if not more! i thought the recovery period would be a week…but that is definitly not enough! so my advice is to drink alot of liquids! swallow as much as u can even though it really hurts…but in the end it will help the muscles in ur throat heal faster.

    • Amy:

      I’m on day 10. I agree with everything you said. I was fine days 1-3 despite sleeping a lot I had my mom (yes I’m 29,and had to stay with my parents the first 7 days) wake me up to drink water and suck on the tetracane lollipops. I highly recommend the lollipops as you twirl it around the throat and it numbs enough so that drinking and swallowing is less painful. I learned that the hydrocodone was not working for me anymore after day 5. I was so nauseous and too scared to try to throw up for fear the scabs would bleed. Day 4,5,and 6 were by far the worst for me. I felt a million times better after switching to the 800mg ibuprofen liquid on day 6. I haven’t had to take any zofran since I started the ibuprofen. I have learned that the pain, even though it feels like there are little faries mining in my ears and like I’m swallowing glass, is not as bad as the nausea I experienced. I was super angry the day after stopping the hydrocodone so watch out for that. Yesterday my friend took me to a movie and I got some mild padthai which I think helped free me of some scabs. I started eating chicken noodle soup on day 4 and some knorr pasta on day 6. I think once the scabs come off the throat is sensitive but you start feeling more normal. I hope I’m ready to go back to work on Monday (day 15). I’m a therapist so talking is my job. I have found that I can talk more yesterday and today but it tends to make my jaw soooo sore. And the back of my head at the neck. I have been craving every type of food and drink that’s prohibited and hope I can get some Mexican food next week.

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  • rebekka:

    oh and just a few more comments:
    as much as ur medicine may make u feel sick…take it! cause just taking ur pain medicine a little late will cause sooo much pain! so maybe set an alarm to remind u to take ur pain meds right on time before the pain creeps up on you and it’s too late!
    also it helped me to rap an ice pack in a thin towel and put it up to my ears whenever they were hurting…it helped the pain and it also helped me relax a bit!

  • kayla:

    Oh my goodness!!!! I’m 23 yrs old….had my tonsils out on 9/16/2011….days (1-2) were pretty good….the 3rd day I thought I was absolutely going to die…the pain was horrible!!! I’m now on day seven and all I’ve been doing is drinking water and dreaming about cheeseburgers all day long…I’m starving and my taste buds are out of wack! I still haven’t had any of the scabs come off yet….I am just hoping I heal really soon and get this over with……it is nothing but torture! Ugggghhhh!

    • David:

      Hi Chuck,Band Aids were a big part of any 12 year olds life growing up in the city . Bumps, bruseis, scraps were all cured with a touch of Mecuracrome (not sure how it’s spelled) and a Band Aid. 90% of the time it was the Band Aid by itself!Thanks for the short trip down memory lane. We look forward to more stories.

  • ryan:

    I’m on day 7. Pain in throat hasn’t been too bad, though I stayed on schedule with the meds, I didn’t only take them when it hurt because I knew it would eventually. They did my deviated septum and adenoids at the same time, so the tubes in my nose are killing me. I need these things out! I’ve been dry heaving all day cuz of scabs, nothing is coming out and makes my throat sore. I’ve also got tongue sores and no food. Just protein shakes. Can’t wait for this to be over with.

    • Han:

      I have arthritis even had knee recpalement on one side. With various Rx prescribed (even Celebrex stopped that on my own since it did no good). Sevewral years ago I began drinking more water each day. I became unaware of the exact time, but I had about 2 years of NO PAIN! Even though I still had a great deal of stress, because I had NO PAIN each morning when I arose, I forgot to take my supplements .for 2 years! The only thing I could figure out that had changed, was that I was drinking much more water than I’d even drunk regularly. Ever heard of this?Anyway, the pain is now back and I’m trying to drink more water again. Any other suggestions? I do eat well, i.e. lots of veggies, limited meat, lots of fish, limited caffein, etc. My exercise could of course be increased, though I do park far away from where I’m going to force me to walk!Keep up your work. It’s refreshing. Thank you again.

  • Alexis:

    AHHHHHH!!!! Im 13 years old and I got my tonsils out 8 days ago and it is terrible. The first and second day were o.k but all of the other days were horrible!!! Every single time I try to eat or drink anything my throat and ears feel like they are bleeding like crazy, it hurts a lot! The 4th day of the pain i puked really bad. Why cant i just get better all i have been thinking about is fast food but I cant eat that right now!!!!! I WANNA JUST GET OUT OF THIS PAIN!!!!!!!!1

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  • Talat Abbas:

    Today is my 9th day of my tonsillectomy, first day was fine, wasnt in too much pain because Drs. gave me lot of morphine to reduce my pain. Next day was bit fine coz was discharged from hospital with few painkillers which helped me by the end of the day but after that it used to be so painful in nights, hardly could eat anything on 5th day and took hi doze painkillers which really helped and slowly and steady i started eating soft foods. But after a week am feeling much better though the pain gets worst sometimes in night and can’t sleep but its reducing. All pain goes into ears and chewing gum would helps to reduce the pain. so….. just few days left hope everything would be alright .. !! 🙂

    • Nikol:

      Thanks for sharing, I relaly enjoy your blog. I needed that today. Lately I have been feeling anger about the fact that over the past two years I have lost 4 people I loved very dearly. I lost my mother and mother in law this year within 5 months of eachother. I find myself yelling at my family for what they did or didn’t do. When deep inside I know I am relaly just angry and need to let it out. Thanks again,Janet 🙂

  • heidi:

    I’m 16 I had my tonsils out on the 27th. So I’m going to be going on my 5th day and Iwas up and moving today not to bad. The 3 day was The worst for me. I didn’t get off the couch I wouldn’t drink I wouldn’t eat. I still don’t feel like eating but I force applesause icecream smooth stuff down my throat. I also see scabs trying to form in the back of my throat

    • Marivic:

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    • Tyler:

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  • Kelsey:

    I’m 20 and I had my tonsils removed on 12/30/11. So this would be my 6th day of recovery I suppose? I can relate to what a lot of people have said already. The first day I felt fine, the second day as well. But ever since the third day it’s been hell. My throat hurts SO bad, it sucks to swallow, my ears hurt, sometimes my neck gets sore too. But when I take the liquid percocet my doctor prescribed me the pain goes away for about 4 hours, and it helps! Just make sure to eat 20 minutes before taking the medecine, otherwise you might throw up. I’ve been drinking a lot of water and Gatorade. As far as eating goes, I’ve had chicken broth, canned pears, cream of mushroom soup, jello, pudding, applesauce, some ice cream here and there (ice cream doesn’t really help), and popsicles. My scabs are still in tact. The nurses I’ve talked to said I probably won’t feel fully recovered for two weeks after the surgery, I also heard that the 10th day is a big turning point in the recovery as well. All I know is I want this to be over with asap!

    • natalie:

      Hey kelsey, I took mine out the 19th. My meds finished, i barely sleep the whole night and i woke up today feeling like a gash on the right side (no bleeding tho) i try my best to drink but swallowing hurts a lot. My ear randomly aches from time to time (the pain is so excruciating and its the real reason for me waking up multiple times at night) i try my best to sit up calm down keep my ears warm for a moment or so and thats the trick ive been using + hot bath (b.c. sitting up sleeping works). I do not understand why ppl keep saying ice packs or cold stuff, cold things wake up my pain and aches the crap outta my ears; however, room temperature is cool for me. My first day of the spring semester begins monday 30th i am not looking forward to it what so ever -__- how long has it been taking you? + how are you feeling now?

      • Gustavo:

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    • Damiaan:

      I feel about the same exhausted alotguhh i had time to relax before flying back to the fam. I am really bummed out for you can’t believe no one has turned in your camera. Hope who ever has it finds it in their heart to return it somehow.

    • Solmar:

      , and should of done with this, but at least I did get to talk to her on a realugr basis, and got to see her when she came home here the last time even though she was tired from the treatments she always smiled. I remember when she was home right before they found out she had the tumor and all this awful stuff happened to her. She had headaches so much and I called her mom and told her I thought maybe she needed glasses to have her eyes checked and oh how I wish that was all it would have been. She is with us all in spirit and will watch over us all and keep us close, for now she knows who really loved her and cared about her and never has to doubt that. Thank You Sam .and Thank You God for giving Sam the strength to put all this love and feelings into action for all of us to share. God Bless

  • Nick:

    Hey, I just thought I’d put my experience in here to counter the horror-fest, just to offer some hope to everyone reading up before their surgery.

    I’m on my 5th day post-op, the scabs are peeling off, and there is still negligible pain – today, as it approached time for another dose of paracetamol, the pain peaked at a 3/10. So yeah, it.. won’t necessarily be this dramatic for you.

    I think the key to going through this quickly and painlessly is a change in the post-op dogma that I haven’t seen reflected online, namely: eat normally from day 1, and everything goes a lot smoother. The reason being that normal foods (we’re talking rice, pasta .. sensible things, not crusty bread or corn chips or anything that’s going to stab you) work away at the white dead tissue over the operation site, removing it gradually. This means it doesn’t all slough off after like a week, as much of it is already gone. My doctors told me this decreases risk of a post-op bleed, decreases pain, and speeds the tissue regeneration. The chewing process is important for the muscles and keeps the site clear of debris. So.. do it.

    Drinking plenty of water/fluids is sound advice, you must do that. But don’t limit yourself to soft foods and liquids. By all means eat these – when I’m worn down (constant pain, even just a 1/10, is pretty exhausting), I have sometimes eaten a small portion of ‘real food’ (eg: 1 piece of toast) and then just had liquids or thin things (soups / stews are good).

    Anyway, the 2 week rest thing is what my doctors advised, but I just thought I’d share my experience so people understand that doesn’t mean 2 weeks of misery. I stopped the codeine after day 2 because I didn’t like the side effects, and have since just maintained 2x 500mg paracetamol (acetaminophen for people from the US) every 6 hours. This has kept the pain at a 1/10, which is completely bearable. I think 10 days will be enough to be functioning nicely, but that the extra 4 days will be important to consolidate it. Certainly you should not strain, exercise or exert yourself in the first 2 weeks, as this increases the risk of a bleed, a dangerous possible complication post-op for tonsillectomy. My doctor said the window for a bleed is the first 4 weeks, but that relatively normal activity is fine after 2 weeks.

    So don’t be scared people, it’s reallllly not as bad as people make it out to be. Good luck 🙂

  • Henning:

    Hardest stage is definately between day 4 to 7. When the scab falls off at day 6-7 it means the wounds are better.

    After day 7 i could sleep more than two hours a time at night.

    • Patricia:

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  • Jerry B:

    Hello forum,
    I had my tonsils and adenoids out a month ago yesterday. I must say the surgery is worth it. However, I honestly have never experienced such an excruciating pain such as the pain I felt on days 5-10. Even on the Percocet the pain to me was pretty much unbearable ( I’m a 15 year old male ). The ear aches…oh lord, don’t even get me started. Everything about the recovery was bad but at around days 7-11 I began to get spuradic earaches that literally were pure torture. I can’t wrap my head around what the worst part was; waking up in the night off the Meds and having to swallow a huge pill, the earaches, the taste of my horrid breath or the uncanny feeling of being very hungry. I can tell you right now, it’s been a month and I am still not fully recovered, I just spit out a scab ( I believe ) and my voice is about 95% back. Let me just tell you now, if your tonsils are really deep in and bulge out the way mine did, you’re in for a hell of a recovery. I never want to remember that pain and the solitude that I had lived with for those two weeks. Hell I tell you. Pure Hell. But in the end, it’s worth it!:)

    • Olga:

      Wow you have chekicn pox. It is quite hard to have chekicn pox when you are an adult. It is unavoidable. Maybe it is the trip to Japan someone had it but didn’t realize it. Do take it easy. Sending you positive thoughts and soon it will be over.Annie (NJ)

  • Jerry B:

    By the way, I forgot to mention… The percocet: depending on your doctor’s choice, you may be on percocets. As a response to a YouTube video I made someone told me they were getting very sick from the Percocet. MY ADVICE is to eat even the smallest thing such as a popsicle before you take it. Trust me it is torture but I can only imagine vomiting on top of this recovery therefor I have never thrown up due to the Percocet or have felt nautious. Now here is what to expect. When I was on the Percocet, there were some days where if I took two, it can get you high in a form and quite frankly it’s a good feeling especially when dealing with the pain. Once you take the Percocet, it should kick in or begin to in just about 10 minutes. Ones it kicks it, you begin to get really dopey and eventually it puts you to sleep. Generally it lasts about 3 and a half hours until you start to feel the pain full force. On my worst days it didn’t even work. But Percocet in general really did the trick for me. Be warned if you take too much ( I tooke 48 in the span of 10 days ) it may become hard to get off of the Percocet so make sure you do not make that mistake like I did. I remember on day three, after I took two Percs, I fell asleep, waking up at around 3 am, everything felt different and I just couldnt wrap my mind around it. Odd, huh? So yes thats the retrospect of Percocet via tonsillectomy. Stay golden pony boy.

    • Samy:

      on I’ve been reading sraveel “mom” blogs for the past 14 months or so and burnout…Angela C. on Yes it is, but maybe it costs more because I’m accessing it from outside…Amy on

  • eric lucious:

    I’m 28, I had my tonsil taken out. I wasn’t in any pain at all afterwards. It had been a week and a couple of days. Everything is hurting me now. I can eat or drink anything. My teeth has become very sensitive. It feel like I have a lump in my throat when I swallow and sores on my tongue. What is goin on!?

    • Erin:

      I am 35 and had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy 4 days ago. I am feeling sore but good I am taking Tylenol then percocet every 2 hours so 4 hours between each. I am already starting to feel the scabs breaking loose. My advise is take your meds on time drink fluids ans go night night for the first few days. You ate gonna be ok….this sadly isnt even the worst sore throat ive ever had. I know the next couple days can get worse but i have been sick most of my life and if this helps I would do it all again!

      • Leila:

        Hahaha. I used to work for a doggy daycare in San Francisco (where they treat their almains like royalty) and you would have hated it dog poop everywhere, constant face-licks, the occasional bite. I love dogs, but I’m not sure I’d want to own one of my own. I’m a cat person all the way.

      • Angelica:

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    • Rahul:

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  • Erin:

    Please forgive all my typos!!

    • Jesus:

      (Too sad to be witty. I love birds. We found a dead mole and disemboweled sqirruel on the trail in the past week. The sqirruel we left in place (it was gone yesterday) but the mole got scooped and tossed into the brush at the side. Poor little thing..

      • Ainna:

        any farrier with coommn sense would have known this horse has had thrush for months!!! I was desperate to do everything in my power to help my horse. I spent everynight soaking his feet, three of them, and using the green messy liquid! What a disaster and a mess, not to mention VERY LITTLE improvement. I finally went online (should have gone there first, but I trusted what was over the counter) and found NO THRUSH. Gottat admit I was REALLY hesitant..was I ever SURPRISED!! This stuff works amazingly, even my farrier was in disbelief!!! The dramatic difference from the original trim to the most recent were astounding!!! I WILL ALWAYS USE NO THRUSH!!! IT IS A STAPLE in my horses care!! I can promise you you WILL NOT be disappointed!!

    • Alex:

      Sandy merged with a low that fmoerd in the west that rode along the jet stream with the two meeting up to form a powerful Nor’easter the timing was merely coincidental, that’s all. And the last time I checked, the hurricane season in the northern hemisphere ends Nov. 30, but not much mention on that by the news media and more disturbingly, meteorologist who work for them. Had the two lows merged in 1912 instead, the result would have been exactly the same. Not in terms of the damage of course. The landscape then was different and there would’ve been increased casualties as well, due to having no way to forecast such storms before they arrive. But in terms of the storm’s strength? No different. Any suggestions otherwise comes with no evidence and is simply not grounded in science.

  • Amy:

    Hi. I have just got my tonsils out 4 days ago.. I have been feeling fairly okay since. The night my tonsils were taken out the pain was a 5 on a scale on 1-10 but since i was discharged the next day to go home i haven’t felt as bad. Although at the moment the back of my throat is white and i was worried bout it. From reading everyones experience above I dreading tomorrow (day 5) onwards. By the way I’m 17years old and one of the nurses told me that the older you getting it done the worst the pain is.

    • Jose:

      lyss on Mine is watery? I did the rpciee exactly as listed, the only thing I added…Nikki on Hello Im Joe and having the same experiences.I have a stressful relationship with a partner…joe on

      • Isa:

        Seymour, I think you have inspired me! I beviele I will endeavor to compose a piece about what is expected of a good little goy! I would so much enjoy the prospect of your approval! (If it is worthy of Lasha’s or Montecristo’s consideration, you may have that opportunity as early as this week!) (I have other things I must do, but I beg a little time in order that I might postpone my termination at the hands of your displeasure, sir )

  • Cindy:

    I’m almost 50 years old. Everyone warned me the older you are the longer it takes to recover. My surgery was outpatient. Day 1 and 2 wasn’t too bad. Day 3 thru 5 was pretty much hell. I took the liquid Roxicet in half doses along with anti-nausea meds, but unfortunately neither worked well. Day 6 I decided to take tylenol during the day and Roxicet during the night. I’m currently on day 7, very similar to day 6. Still hurting, No signs of scabs that I’m aware of, I’m still in bed, but beginning to watch TV and getting hungry for real food. I called my ENT today and asked when the pain will calm down, I was told usually around day 10. Having my tonsils removed has been the worst physical pain I have ever felt. But there are worse things in life. If you need to get your tonsils out, don’t let your fear delay it. Just get it done and over with.
    Suggestions: Drink lots, use ice pack, eat small amounts often.

    • Meme:

      Yes it was nutso! The timing of the charm thing and all that I think you, me and Kendra need a girls night out after all we’ve been going tuoghrh! I think there’s a special day coming up .. hmmmm .

    • Nilsen:

      hey, my name is annie im searching for megfunanil tattoos myself and i came across yours i knew it was similar to the infinity symbol but i was so curious about why it was unclosed because the whole prinipal behind it is never breaking. i love your explaination and i completely get hateing to explain im getting a tattoo of a triquetra (google it) most see it as the symbol for the holy trinity but i am not religous, i believe it to mean that if the mind body and soul act in harmony anything is possible. and whoever close your second loop quite possibly the luckest woman alive id love it if you wanted to email me, it would be nice talking to someone who gets it ty for your time xoxo <3Always Annie

  • Kris:

    I had a adenotonsillectomy last Thursday so I am currently on day eight and I’m feeling alot better than in the beginning but I still use pain meds 3 times a day. I have no sign of scabbing yet. (Sadly this isn’t close to the worst throat pain I’ve had cuz my tonsils use to be huge and would give me strep about every other month) thought the pain just seems like it wont fully stop yet. I have to return to work on day ten.

  • shanna:

    This recovery is HELL!!! I am on day 5 and wish I had never done the surgery. Trying to wait for day 10 and it just doesn’t seem to be coming. On the flip side of pain, ice packs around the front and back of my neck have been a life saver. I fall asleep with them, I use them when pain meds are wearing off and think the doctor should have told me about using them! Still liquids and can barely get down ice cream. This sucks!

    • Debbie J:

      Hang in there Shanna…hang in there! You probably still have a few bad days to come. Try warm chicken broth. If your doctor hasn’t given you steroids…they can help for a few days, but beware…they can cause depression. The most important thing…is at least 8 ounces of liquid per hour! Hang in there! Be sure and get a little fresh air daily….by just walking outside for a few minutes.

      • Zine:

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    • Antonello:

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  • Debbie J:

    My daughter had her tonsils out exactly 14 days ago today. She still has a sore throat and her neck continues to hurt.

    Her first 2-3 days…not bad. We thought that if that’s all it was, she would breeze through recovery. NOT SO!! Nobody tells you that it gets worse, not better. Usually when you have surgery, you feel like crap the first few days then get better. With tonsillectomy, the pain gets worse and worse for about 12 days.

    We were back in the emergency room on the 10th day post op because the pain was so unbearable. She never cries when shes in pain…but with this surgery, all she’s done is cry in pain. She said that she didn’t think there was a light at the end of the tunnel. She felt like she’d never be out of pain again.

    It’s not just throat pain, although that’s pretty bad. It’s ear pain, neck pain, teeth pain, head pain….everything from the neck up is in pain! The rest of the body is very weak from the brain trying to deal with the constant pain.

    For the first three or four days, you must do cold, cold, cold! She mixed 3/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of apple juice in a tall glass with lots of ice. She said that was the best!!!! Not plain water…not plain juice. And then after 4 days…..warm chicken broth (unsalted!)…you also want to be sure and get plenty of gatorade.

    Whatever you do…REST!! But also…this is paramount….walk outside to feel the breeze and the sun at least two to three times a day. Do not do anything strenuous….but you need the fresh air!! Also…bio feedback. Meditate and tell yourself….you are going to recover and win this!!!

    I don’t know if any of that helps. I had mine out at age 5, so I don’t really remember. Good luck everyone! Hang in there….you’ll make it. You’ll make it!

    • Sude:

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      • Dochey:

        Thanks for this, Chet.Hopefully, the masses will one day come to view itonammalifn and pain as important markers of recovery. As an aside, I’d love to see a whole blog post on If you want to be healthy for the rest of your life, don’t make a pretty woman your wife… Seriously, would love to know your thoughts on this.

      • Mohan:

        this is awsome! I haeppn to have the infinitie sign branded on my inner wrist (done by yours truly) for myself the symbol was structured based off of existentialism. I had people in my life that were terrible for me, but I could do nothing of the situation. It was great reminder that .1-existentially, nothing ever entirely dies, we are in fact made up of little particles that also haeppn to make up the world around us. its quite beautiful to think of the gift of life we have been givenand2-what goes around comes around (literally, the symbol says it all) stay positive because bad people can’t always be the ones planting ideas in my head, i have to take control for my actions and be held accountable

    • Jorge:

      Angie,I love learning the hitsroy! I never really been big on German food, so I stayed away from most of it. My mom would make kraut, and that was it. Otherwise I think I blocked out what that German teacher tried to teach us! I always thought of spaetzle as mac & cheese, and after kids I never wanted to see it again, lol, I am going over there and read it now!

  • natasha:

    im on day 5 post op and it really sucks, i think the most annoying part is the constant throbbing in the throat and occasionally ears. i swollowed a scab today, DISGUSTING!. since day 4 i have been feeling like vomiting all the time from my meds, now i have to worry about swollowing disgusting white coated scabs too =\ days 1-2 were a breeze! very limited pain at all, 2/10. day 3 sucked but only in the morning and it was agonizing to try to get to sleep. day 4 i woke up feeling great until i had breakfast and was forced in bed for the entire day in pain, constant throbbing!. Day 5 so far has been the worst day for me yet! i have tried to eat but all ive managed in a table spoon or two of mushed fruit and some turkey mince which my parents were using to make tacos with 🙁 i have to admit, even tho swollowing the scab was disgusting it actually made me feel a whole heap better… for an hour or so… after that it was back to bed in pain.

    i really hope i will see the ligt at the end of the tunnel soon because this pain is just crazy…
    Day 1-2 pain 2-4/10
    Day 3 pain 5/10
    Day 4 pain 6/10
    Day 5 pain 7-8/10

    Also i have been eating nirmal foods the entire times, dont eat anything dairy and try to avoid spicy foods.

    • Jesca:

      Oh wow I have been going down the spreadsheet from the class and only just got to the k’s . I rebmemer your original post and the discussion in class, and this is so much more interesting and real I have seen some whining about Penelope’s feedback but I haven’t come across anyone who has MADE SOMETHING out of it. Awesome to see what you have done just fabulous!(I have been on break from lifestyle blogging for a year while I was starting a company and had a lot of professional writing to do. Just coming back to it with an all-new website that will be going in a week or two.)

  • Katy:

    I’m 21 and I had my tonsils out on 15/6/12 and thought I’d share my experience. Day 1, straight after the op, was okay and bearable and so was day 2 when I was discharged from hospital…even managed to eat a bit of pasta so thought I was getting it lightly then BAM day 3 hit and I have never felt pain like that before in my life!!! On a scale of 1-10 it would be right up there as a 7/8. The hospital stupidly gave me all my pain killers in tablet form and soluble form. The tablets were impossible to swallow and the soluble ones tasted disgusting and had to be dissolved in so much water it took hours to drink.. so I couldn’t even take anything to take the pain away. I was in so much pain that I ended up having to go back into hospital where they kept me on a drip for 2 nights as I was so weak from not being able to eat or drink and it had gotten so bad I couldn’t take even liquid pain killers orally. The hospital kept me dosed up on various pain killers and antibiotics so that those 2 nights were bearable. I got discharged day 5 and this time I made sure I was given everything syrup form so it was really quick and easy to take and since then it’s been pretty easy.. night 6 i was managing a whole nights sleep apart from waking up once to take some paracetamol and I’m on day 10 now and I haven’t needed any pain killers today and can eat back to normal. I think my recovery was definitely quickened by my second stay in hospital but if I could recommend anything it would be to make sure you get all your pain killers etc in SYRUP form!!!! take them religiously every 4 hours, they work straight away and definitely start wearing off after the 4 hours is up. As for eating – it was impossible for the first 3/4 days really but after that if you keep to your pain killers as it says, it gets so much easier and eat and drink as much as you can!!!! I also found that any rich food made me feel really sick so bland food was the best and spicy food was a big no no!! also anything sweet tends to sting the cuts at the back of the throat!

    • Eleen:

      It’s strange to me that I acaltuly care about these guys, too. Like, the idea that the pigeon may have still been alive and blinded by the flashes from my camera causes me real regret now. Yet you can chop right through the head of a lobster in front of me, and it’s nooooo problem.At least some other animal probably got a good meal out of your mole and squirrel. You’re the godmother of the trail!

  • David:

    I am 15 I’m on my 7th day after tonsil removal and I’m feeling pretty good
    Good I only had one tonsil tho soo idk if it makes a difference but I havnt ate
    In three days and I lost 10 pounds I just want to heal fast and right now!!

    • Delwar:

      Angie, one thing that I keep neglecting to let you know about – wvneeher I browse your site, there is always an error message that pops up and “aborts” the action, i.e. ends up closing the window. At first I thought it was just my home computer, but I’ve had problems with it at work and on other computers. Just wondering if you’ve had people with the same problem?

  • Abby:

    I love all of these comments that people are leaving so I might as well tell my story haha. I’m 18 and I had my tonsils out early in the morning on June 21 so I consider this day 10. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be at all. You have to constantly take your meds though! You’ll realize that at night when you wake up with your throat burning. The first night I woke up about every hour but every night after that I’ve been able to sleep for at least 4-hour intervals. The pain for the first 6 days was totally bearable for me. It was more of a constant throbbing which was helped greatly by drinking ice water. I think that’s what saved me from agony. I was constantly drinking water, so much that during the day I felt like I was always going to the bathroom. But it kept my throat nice and moist so it wasn’t quite so difficult to swallow. I pretty much ate applesauce and baby food for the first 5 days but it stayed down. I was never nauseous and never threw up so that was a huge plus. The problems came on day 6. I think that’s when my scabs started coming off because there would be spots on my throat and tongue that burned like no other. It felt like I was squeezing lemon juice onto a cut. I actually started taking more meds to dull that pain so definitely don’t hesitate to take more. It’s funny because in the beginning of my recovery I felt no nausea or drowsiness but because of the meds I’m taking now it’s hitting me a bit. I’m eating more foods now like bread and mac and cheese but all food, even water, has the potential to make parts of my throat feel like they’re on fire. I was able to lower my dosage of meds a little yesterday so I’m hopeful that I’m nearing the end. I lost about 10 lbs in this process. I’ve read how much some people suffer during recovery but I just want to let you know that that’s not always the case. Keep drinking water and taking your meds and hopefully your recovery won’t be too awful. Good luck!

    • Ahsan:

      Hi Angie,Thanks for taking the time to coemmnt.Just Natural does have some great products, that will definitely help with scalp scabs. Tip after treatment, use a bandanna, when possible to lessen, hand to scalp contact. This works especially well with the Leave in Treatments .

      • Revan:

        i love ur tat ive been looking aruond for something that has meaning to me and i ws just googleing and here i saw urs and saw ur meaning for it and its beautiful i really like it i just dont have that imagination to invent my own tattoo, lol i find it kind of difficult to tap into my brain that way i know wierd but ur meaning is wonderful and ur tattoo is too. and just so u know ima keep it in consideration for my next tattoo of symoblizim even though i too am thinkin about getting a Triquetra it has a beautiful message its something thats true that unfolds right before a womens eyes .but thanks alot see ya chao lennie?

    • Open:

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  • Samantha:

    Hey, I had my tonsils out (laser) June 21’st so today would be my 17th day but I still have that gross white stuff in the back of my throat?! I felt horrible pain every morning but as soon as I took my meds (liquid hydrocodone) I felt better within 15 minutes.. I knew the key to a steady recovery was to keep hydrated, which was hard since the last thing I wanted to do after surgery was move or swallow. I didn’t have an appetite at all for the first couple of days, probably due to my meds, but about 4 days later I started to eat mash potatoes and popsicles. It wasn’t really too bad, compared to everyone else’s stories I’ve come across online. At about day 7 It stung really bad to eat or drink anything, i figure it had something to do with the scabs coming off, which I did gag on a little bit (EW). I didn’t feel sick at all until my doctor ordered me to start taking the liquid motron he prescribed me in between the hydrocodone so that I wouldn’t become dependent on the codone. I stopped taking my meds completely after about 12 days since I didn’t need them and I refused to keep taking the motron since it made me feel super nauseated. I’m actually wondering why the white stuff isn’t gone yet.. Anyways the surgery was not as bad as it was put out to be, I started to regret getting the surgery because I couldn’t eat and I was famished, and so sick of laying in bed. All in all, I lost 15 lbs.. Although I probably gained it all back as soon as I was able to eat real food again!!! Tasted amazinggggggg. Still can’t eat crunchy or hard foods, probably won’t even try for a couple more weeks. PS, if any one has any questions about smoking, I may as well answer them since I can. I don’t smoked cigarettes, but I used to. I quit and ever since I’ve felt better than ever. If your wondering when you can start up again, I would wait like a whole month, cigarettes are full of nasty chemicals. Smoking ciggs after tonsillectomy would be like having a brand new sponge and soaking it up with tar. Weed, on the other hand doesn’t have the chemicals cigarettes do and I would definitely say it’s a lot better. Smoking anything after tonsillectomy is silly but I have no room to talk, since I already attempted to smoke weed. It hurts after about 5 hits (off a pipe) even though I had a big glass of ice water next to me, and drank some after every hit. I stopped and started again a few days later but tried rolling (blunts and joints) and it really didn’t even hurt. It felt as though some swelling arrived but 3 blunts in one day will do that to someone. I didn’t have any bleeding or anything like that.. Just keep hydrated and don’t rush into things. Hope I helped haha

    • Hacer:

      Hey, I just introduced my silmairly-aged child to the Star Trek universe. I didn’t know they had a cartoon!A few of the series popped up on Netflix Instant so I decided to check out some of my favorite Next Generation episodes. I showed her the episodes in which Picard became Locutus, the one with Hugh, as well as the Groundhog Day episode. Her favorite episode so far is the one in which the little girl has an imaginary friend that turns out to not be imaginary. It’s not on my list of must-sees, but I knew she would like it.Another one I really want her to see is the episode in which the Captain lives a complete life in a few minutes. I’m saving that one, though, until she has a greater appreciation for who Picard is and what his character is normally like.

      • Metin:

        the tornado that was never spopused to have hit out town did in 2011. Meteorological elements came together that day to give us a perfect storm of our own. Were there still some who chalked it up to climate change . Yes, but none of the coverage by any of the many media pundits that landed here in the days after the storm ever gave it much ink or air time. Months later Environment Canada was still trying to piece what happened to us together, so even the science wasn’t absolute on that day. Joanne’s initial post was about how disasters bring out the ugly side some people. It happened here too. Looting (small town Ontario), vandalism to already damaged properties, and yes there were incidents where contractors preferred by insurance companies were used instead of those homeowners and businesses would have wanted. Some of that ugliness lingers today unfortunately. However, for those directly affected the pulling together and willingness of people to help no matter what their station in life, and looking ahead eventually win out over that ugliness. Hopefully, human spirit will win out over ugliness in the US Northeast as well.

  • Samantha:

    Oh and BTW, if anyone is wondering when or if they can drink alcohol after a tonsillectomy, I can share my experience. Obviously you don’t want to drink while your on pain meds, and you need to be taking your meds often, so wait until the pain has soothed. I started with frozen margaritas, which felt really good on my throat. and about 2 weeks after I drank beer and was fine. I wouldn’t think it could affect your healing process in any way cause it didn’t for me! Also, even though I’m still not completely healed (On day 17) It doesn’t hurt at all anymore, and I am super happy that I went through with the surgery. I can breathe alot better now and I just feel better. My voice is more clear and I can sing better that I could before (not like I’m good anyways) but still.. 🙂

    • Frankie:

      hey jason, that’s really nice to hear comnig from such a ridiculously talented musician as yourself. nathan and mark are badasses . . . and that’s not even counting their cool rapist mustaches.

      • Dineshika:

        I think I have been exposed to Herpes ? by my hunasbd who had an afair on me before we got married. He has broken out in his genital area with blisters. He got swabbed and tested but the test results came back negative.I am breaking out on my back with an itchy rash and have a nasty headache.Could this be part of the symptoms or am I just paranoid? I have read so much stuff about this that I am just confused and it seems that you get differnet answers on different websites about herpes.When his test came back negative for it I was even more confused.I have an appointment with my doctor. I’m going to request a blood test.His doctor told him that it wasn’t necessary because he had lesions that could be swabbed. They never requested that he be retested or anything and left the results on his voice mail.

  • Waldemar:

    I am a 25 (turning in August) year old male
    I am currently on day 4 of recovery after my Tonsillectomy
    Worst pain in my experience so far was the shock right after the operation when they woke me up…it was my first operation in my life and I had no idea what to expect. Can chalk it up to being unprepared.
    Waking up in the mornings can be quite sore with the dry feeling but I have a schedule which works out quite well for me.

    My alarm goes off at 06h00 then I drink 2 Tramacet for the pain and go back to sleep.
    I eat 2 slices of toast within the next 2 hours but not within 30minutes (06h30-08h00). Eat some yoghurt to help along with the Clamentin (Antibiotics) and drink Catafast D.
    Drink lots of Coca Cola during the day.
    12h00 I drink another 2 Tramacet Tablets…wait half an hour and then eat something (anything).
    18h00 drink 2 Tramacet and 18h30 your ready to eat your Dinner (anything) followed by the Antibiotics and Catafast D.

    This works quite well and have not experienced too much pain so far
    (please note that I have avery high tolerance to pain so that could influence why I’m doing okay)

    My advice: (based on my experience)
    When starting with toast in the morning start small and work your way up to larger bites.
    I find that the larger amount I swallow the easier it goes down with less pain.
    Do not blow your nose too much.
    Do not cough or yawn too much (which is really hard since you get so tired)
    And absolutely DO NOT SPIT! (I treid cleaning up my throat by sucking and spitting and boy was that a mistake) Swallow your saliva. The more you swallow the less it will hurt during the rest of the day! Try to keep your fluids handy and take as big a swallow as you can. Stretch your throat and you will find it hurts less.

    I can barely speak above a whisper without hurting my throat so I keep my mouth shut most of the time.
    Don’t put unnecessary strain on your throat…save your strength for eating normal foods.

    Recovering from Tonsillectomy hurts…BUT
    Having Tonsillitis every 2 months for 3 years hurt WAY more.
    Keep telling yourself that when the recovery is over you’ll never have to go through that type of pain again…it helps!

    MIND POWER!!! Haha

  • Sarah:

    Im 17 and got my tonsils and adenoids out on the 7th. I’ve thrown up every day since surgery and threw up blood today so I called they sent me back to the hospital, they took me off the pain medication so now I’m in agony, but not as nauseous because that was causing the vomiting. I defiantly agree with all tv commericals being about food, its killing me! I really want a steak…

    • Raunaque:

      Cool I like your post…and I had fun making it, but have not ever heard that menaing before, in class or in any of my books. We all have our own way of making it. I wonder why some feel if we do not create it exactly as it probably originated; then it is not worthy? We would not have our ‘family foodways’ as we have, as each region, or families have made changes through out the years…My German teacher taught us they were like little cork screws. I love your spaetzle gadget, as I had to use a spoon, and eventually my hand to press it through :)Thanks for coming over…

  • Chandler:

    I’m 17 and I’m on day 7 of my recovery. I guess I’m very lucky cause reading these stories about all the pain and I never had much at all. Yes I do have pain and feel no better but the pain is virtually not there but I still want this to end.

  • Shayna:

    I just recently had my tonsils out on Wednesday January 16th 2013. I am 29 years old. I needed my tonsils out because they were enlarged and I kept getting tonsil stones. When I first woke up from the operation I had very little pain, that was because they had given me morphine and novacaine in my IV drip. When I got home the pain started to increase. The 2 main things to a quicker recovery is to keep hydrated. I couldn’t swallow a lot of liquids, so ice chips really helped me and make sure you take your medicine on time, don’t skip a dose if you can help it, because the pain will just get worse. By the 2nd full day, I was in a lot more pain. Originally I was prescribed liquid vicodin, but I had to call my doctor to get something stronger since it hurt like hell to swallow even liquids. So they gave me liquid oxycodone. It helped with the pain, but made me very out of it. So after that day I only took the oxycodone at night and stuck with the liquid vicodin every 4-6 hours during the day. Also icing your neck area helped me with the pain and swelling. Another tip is to sleep on your back with 2 pillows, I fell asleep on my side one time and woke up with so much ear and throat pain. I started eating soft foods around the third and fourth day in small amounts. The fifth full day post surgery was the worst day for me, when my scabs started to form. It was hard to swallow anything I had neck pain and sores all in my mouth and tongue which made swallowing anything more painful. It helped me when I rinsed my mouth, I used biotene and sea salt and water as different types of rinses. I was very lucky and only had slight bleeding on the first night of the surgery since I vomited and irritated my throat a little. And I had slight bleeding in the morning of day 6, probably due to the throat scabbing up. Finally by day 6 post surgery, I felt about 30 percent better and went to my doctor for my one week check up. He said that I was healing faster than most people even though I was still only eating soft foods and still had pain. Gradually from day 7 on every day got better and the pain started to lessen. By week two I was eating normal again. I went back to my doctor for my second week check up, he said it was healing well and takes about another 2 to 3 weeks for the throat to completely heal. Between the second and third week I felt like myself again. Now I am on week 3 post surgery I have a slight tenderness at times when I swallow but other than that there is no pain. My throat just doesn’t feel completely normal. Overall having my tonsils out was one of the worst experiences in my life. Having my wisdom teeth out over 14 years ago was no comparison to having my tonsils out this year. But in the end it’s definitely worth it I promise, there is light at the end of the tunnel even though it doesn’t feel like it in the beginning. I am just thrilled that I will never have another tonsil stone ever again in my life, and to me having my tonsils out was well worth it!

  • stacey:

    My tonsillectomy was excruciating, day 3 I hermeraged from the surgery site and lost a cup and half of blood was rushed into hospital and took doctors 10 tries to get an IV in because my veins kept collapsing I had to have a hemoglobin transfusion to stop the bleed and had an over night stay in hospital I’m now on day 8 and my throat is all scratchy feeling.. keep feeling like I need to cough but to scared like the rest say bring on day 10!!!!!

    • John:

      Wow thats weird I work at one a store in IL and we still have it. Its been a mainstay on the menu for years. Actually i think your tkilang about the Turkey Caprese, it was a holiday sandwich with turkey, pesto sauce, roasted tomatoes, and mozzorella cheese. As far as I know it wont come back anytime soon.

  • gavin:

    I had it out 10 days ago but on 5th day I suffered haemorhage and had to go to ER for another operation to stitch the wound. Most horrifying experience I have ever lived through. Image your neck being slit open but from the inside and the helpless feeling of warm blood rushing out from inside your throat. I had gargle out the blood into a bucket and vomited all the blood in my stomach when I arrived in the ER. Never been so scared in my life.

  • Chloe:

    I had my tonsils out yesterday, I woke up crying I was in that much pain I had to stay in hospital for 6 hours. I was very sleepy and didn’t want to talk, eat or drink at all I got some sleep and then woke up a hour later, I had more medicine and I felt find I went for a walk around and I felt so much better, I ate toast and had a ice lolly. I got home and then the paint started to kick in again I was in so much pain I just went straight to sleep I had NO ear ache. I woke up and went straight back to sleep. I woke up in the next morning and I felt dreadful my throat was killing me I had more medicine and just laid on the sofa in pain after a couple of hours I felt fine I could talk a bit better and I ate ready brake,toast and ice cream. I was doing a lot of things (putting Christmas decorations up) I felt fine the more you move the less pain you have! It’s not as bad as people say:)

    • Katie:

      It’s all well and good to say it’s not as bad as people say when you are only on day two of recovery! Bet you weren’t saying that on day 6+!

  • Veronica:

    Hi ya’ll! Thank you so much for all the comments and advise. Am scheduled for my op in the next 6days and I’m really scared since I’m 33also and they said the older you are the longer the road to healing. Some of your comments are scary but rather that then being in pain every month.I’ll try and be brave….

  • Katie:

    I’m on day 7 after having my tonsils removed. The worst pain in my life, and I’ve given birth before and had my tonsils out!
    Day 1-5 were pretty okay, sore but bearable, I thought I was one of the lucky ones who doesn’t get such bad pain. The last two days have been excruciating though. I was eating pretty well but now am only consuming liquids. Go back for my one week check up this afternoon and going to try to get stronger meds.
    I am starving. I am bored. I am weak/lethargic. I haven’t been able to look after my son or do any housework or anything at all since my op. It tastes like a thousand rotten eggs in my mouth which makes me feel nauseous. My ears feel like they will explode. I can’t sleep well at night. I am terrified of getting a bleed. But, I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it in the long run, and I should be at least half way through recovery now!

    • Sulis:… sorry to hear that…i had “? ?” back in this March.. and the scar stayed in my feharoed near the hair margin now… 🙁 so take care, as ?? is the residual of the chicken pox viruses hidden in the nerves system(and cannot be get rid of), it will come when your immune system is down….

    • Esranur:

      I love my Pain Cheaters and they’re still going strong after nelary 3 years (with some minor DIY repairs) I had some Pro-Designed and they offered a lot of protection (and they are pretty bulky, for better or worse), but I was using them along with TSG knee gaskets and the velco ended up ripping out the lining. I haven’t used them, but I’ve heard the 187 Pros are the best bang-for-your-buck.

  • Brandi:

    I’m 29 and Had my surgery 9 days ago. I guess maybe I’m one of the lucky ones, day 1 wasn’t bad at all. As soon as I woke up from surgery I started drinking water basically nonstop and slept most of the day after I got home due to the painkiller. Day 2 I actually felt really good besides the annoying pain from drinking/swallowing. Day 3 was a higher pain day, I guess as the new skin started to fill in under the scabs. Days 4 and 5 were sporadic with waves of pain mainly in the ears, but as soon as I took painkiller I was fine. After that it’s been a slow up hill climb. Needless to say most of my scabs have sloughed away, but there’s still a little left, and I just had pizza for dinner and it was glorious! ???? my best advice is just sleep as much as possible, sip water constantly, set alarms to take your medicine or you will be sorry, try not to talk to much (it’s nice at first but after a while you can feel the toll it takes) as far as sleeping everyone else has said they slept basically sitting up…well I’m a stomach sleeper so my face has been constantly downward while sleeping (this has caused a bit of drool and comfort at the same time since I usually wake when I feel drool and I would check to make sure it wasnt blood). I still take a few millimeters of painkiller about 3 times in a 24 hour period. But I’m almost completely weened. Definitely hasn’t been as painful as some of these others have made it seem and I’m a good judge of pain after having wisdom teeth out, a baby, and herniated disc when I was 23. This was more annoying than painful. I was more freaked out about getting the general anesthesia than the pain honestly haha. Hope this helps!

    • Nothani:

      I want to spread the word to see if anoyne saw it… send me a description of the camera (model, color, etc) and I’ll email around till I find out who was running the Hershey’s booth.Aside from the sad loss of your camera I had a BLAST with you! So thankful to have friends to hang with and enjoy a good time.

      • Tedin:

        It is unfortunate to hear your erxepience and how you feel. This, maybe was a shock to you but physical punishment is what l would call normal procedure in schools in Zimbabwe and not just Catholic Schools. l also believe these punishments were administered after some unappropriate behaviours not just physically beating you. l believe a lot of reform has to be done in the country as a whole before we reach to issues like physical punishments in schools. With economic and political hardship being the biggest issues for the past 12 years, l guess you can see my country still has a long way to go. The school you went to is among the best in the country and imagine what is happening to other schools below it. Most of us have took those erxepiences as part of growing up and l honestly know how you feel and hope you will find a peaceful resolution to your issue.

  • Brandi:

    Also, why do people keep saying their scabs haven’t formed yet after 6 days? I’m confused…. I had scabs the moment the tonsils came out from the cauterization….. Is this not how everyone has their tonsils out?

    • Sera:

      Thanks for this Chet. My heart is heavy for the people who are being tetraed for cancer that could do much better by following your and Dr. Ben’s recommendations, alkalizing their bodies, and meditating. Their body would take over the healing if they provided the needed tools and conditions. Doesn’t that make you sad?

  • Robin:

    I got my tonsils out on June 23, so I suppose I am on day 8 of my recovery. The day 1-3 were great! I was sleeping most of the day so I didn’t eat or drink too much which proved to be a big mistake when I woke up starving on day 4. Day 4-5 is when the pain became unbearable. At this point, I had already switched off of the Hydrocodone I was given and was taking liquid Tylenol. I took it every 4 hours and still was unable to talk at all. Even breathing hurt! However, day 6 completely turned around, I was able to get out of the house and walk and talk. My voice got a little tired after about 2 hours. My scabs have started to fall off and it does sting, but it doesn’t hurt as much as the pain on days 4-5. My ears hurt a little too, maybe like a 2/10. I’m hoping to be completely recovered by day 10!

    • Terrance:

      the written centont on this publish is really one particular of the top substance that We have at any time arrive throughout. I adore your submit, I will are available back again to examine for new posts.

  • Kaitlyn:

    so, I’m only on my 4th day. the pain so far has been awful! (probably 4-6/10) from everything I have read &I heard i am really not ready for days 5-7. & right now all I have been wanting is foods I can’t eat! if you just got your tonsils out, you probably know what I mean…I have been coughing non-stop, I have gross stuff in my throat that I cough up but accidentally gulp it back every time, my taste buds have gone crazy so everything I attempt to eat/ drink is horrific! i have to force my self to eat day by day, but the pain is just too much. like pretty much everything I read, has been the same for me.(bad earaches, hard to swallow, everything tastes gross, etc.) the first day I was too exhausted to really understand what was really happening so it was okay, the second day I started to get a pretty bad sore throat, the third day I was craving water but it was a let down when it didn’t even taste like fresh water, and today (the 4th day) I have had a terrible stomach ache! I have felt very weak, which is probably from not eating or drinking very much. I am just ready to get this over with and start eating all the normal, delicious foods I want soon, and I just advise you, as much as it hurts, to drink water and eat soft foods! if you don’t, your stomach will hurt ecspecially with the medication and there is a high chance you will end up in the emergency room getting an IV with water keeping you hydrated! so good luck to everyone who is going through this awful pain, and I hope you recover fast! :))

  • eric clark:

    Hey everyone I’m scheduled to have my tonsils taken out on October8th. Also im supposed to do a quluarfyer for flag football on October25. And supposed to visit my girlfriend in Virginia on October30 to November 2nd. Will i be healed in time to do these things

  • Rocin:

    my granddaughter is going to have to have her tonsils out soon she is 19 years old and is on the college basketball team . She’s trying to plan classes and basketball before they are removed . Thank you !

  • Chantelle:

    I’m 17, and had my tonsillectomy on 8th October due to tonsillitis every month since I was 10, constant tonsil stones and a large hole that formed on my right tonsil,, so on day 5 of recovery now. IT IS AWFUL. I was in severe pain as soon as I had it done and I reacted to the anaesthetic which made it worse. Medication and drinking is key, I’m from the UK and here we are told to eat foods that will scratch, like toast and crisps, to help and to be honest it does! The pain is unbearable, it’s not just in the throat either. My neck and face are soo swollen and hurt to even move slight amounts, my ears feel like they are being injected my 1000 needles and I cannot swallow because it feels like something is blocking my throat, the taste in my mouth is disgusting and I feel sick 24/7. Today, day 5 is not as bad as the other days have been but I haven’t managed to get up yet today. I work and go to college and have had to take nearly a month off as advised by the nurses after surgery. It’s done now and I cannot change it, I have to live through the pain but it will be worth it in the end. I just hope it starts to get better because I do not know how much more of this I can take. Oh and word of advice for people getting it done, do not look at your throat, it’s disgusting and full of gunk where scabs are forming, but I looked and threw up so I advise you not too .

  • Gwen:

    Aw yes, welcome to the doniswde of intergrading a children’s hospital into the mainstream. A part of me misses the good old days, when a doctor or therapist could simply use their own judgement to bend the rules. They could take their grievance to their superior, plead their case, and it would be decided by a board member. Now, these same hospitals have obscene amounts of money, but due to red-tape, the wrong people are making the decisions.Does anyone see this disconnect?Matt Kamaratakis

  • Jeremy:

    My experience has been pretty far from all the other comments here. It really wasn’t all that bad. First day, it was kinda painful after the surgery. The next couple of days I was FINE thanks to the painkillers. Then around day 5-6 it got a little worse — when waking up in the morning, it was like earache, but thankfully not “aching on it’s own”. It’s really only painful when you swallow. So if you take your meds (suppository), it becomes much better. It was painful, yes, but nothing unbearable. Not once was I close to crying. But painful it surely is. But painkillers help me to the point where I could almost forget that I had undergone tonsillectomy for a few hours.

    In particular, Voltaren helped me so very very much. Without it, I could barely moist my mouth (~day 5-9), but with it, guess what, I could eat and drink just fine!! I took two dosages of Voltaren each day (the doctor said I could take 3, but I always had one to spare), and when it’s peaking (around 1 hour after I took it, to around 3 hours after), I had a window where I was much better. So I had at least 2 great meals every day, plus icecream and maybe a youghurt in between. I don’t think I lost a single kg despite having high metabolism. Maybe that’s also what made my recovery quite alright.

    So in short. Just get the damn tonsillectomy. It’s hurt, yes, but for a lot of people (like me), it really isn’t that bad. Day 12 I stopped taking painkillers, and I haven’t taken any since (around day 17 now I believe). I’m back to normal life and normal food. I just need to take it easy for another week or two and don’t push myself to hard. (It’s still a little white/foamy back there where the tonsils used to be). Btw. my tonsils were big(!) said the surgeon; so having big tonsils doesn’t necessarily mean it will be more painful (appearently).

    Just wanted to shed some hope to all those who are terrified of doing it. Not all people has bad experiences. The ones with the bad experiences, are the ones most eager to write. So the reason I’m posting this is because I *PROMISED* myself to write about it no matter the outcome. It’s so typical that people who have an OK experience just gets on with their lives, and forget to tell the world about it — while all those with “pain much worse than childbirth” most certainly *will* write about it.

    Another tip: Ask for a numbing mouthwash. It also helped me significantly. Even though having a tiny sip of water hurts like hell, gargling some painkilling mouthwash didn’t (surprisingly) really hurt that badly. After gargling for ~1minute, you can actually drink some water- it still hurts a little, but it’s like 70% better.

  • Ty Rousey:

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